What’s this new option?

This could be interesting – Instagram looks to be testing a new option which would display user reactions to Stories on the story frame itself, as opposed to sending the creator a DM.

The new option would show user reactions on the story, instead of sending an individual emoji reply to the creator’s Direct inbox.

How does it work currently?

Currently, when you allocate an emoji response to an Instagram Story, the user gets a notification like this in their inbox. That’s fine, but it would be better with the context of the specific Story frame in one notification, as opposed to a separate emoji.

How does Instagram do that?

Right now, it can show individual responses per user, but it’s not clear, exactly, how this new process will, as noted, show viewer Reactions ‘right on their Stories’.

Will there be a new update?

Stories Reactions will also be set to get new animations in line with the coming update. It seems like a good addition. Await it soon!