facebook latest updates

With the intention of supporting Small Businesses, Facebook started rolling out its new Business Manager integrating both Facebook and Instagram from yesterday (17th September) onward. This new Facebook Business Suite will assist publishing, messaging and analytics in a single dashboard with the intention of simplifying the management over both platforms.

Benefits of New Business Suite

The main difference and advantage of this app is the improvement of user interfaces (UIs). The current Business Manager is bit complex for small business owners comparatively. Also the common inbox for Facebook and Instagram will be enhanced. Especially the analytics for both platforms are now brought together, as Instagram analytics was hardly found in the current Business Manager.

Influenced by the Pandemic Crisis

During the Covid 19 Pandemic season the dramatic increase in the usage of social media by small businesses and their customers was carefully noticed by Facebook. Also the surveys conducted had revealed that consumers also wish to retain with SMBs (small businesses) preferably. Many consumers are also self-consciously trying to support SMBs because they’re concerned for their survival. Hence these effects caused Facebook to comprehend the significance of small business and facilitating them more.

Changes to Sri Lanka and Future Indications

As it is launched globally yesterday (17th September), it will take a little time to be updated in the Sri Lankan context. It will be available for SMBs and later on to all other businesses as well. WhatsApp is not currently included, but that will be integrated next year.