Interactive Kiosk Systems

Ready to be augmented?

Are you ready to enhance your guest experience with novelty? Augment your customers/ guests with the luxurious and the newest recipe of interactive technology. Let them perform many self-services and take off the burden from your shoulders. The entertainment is a great tool that you can provide comfort and facilities to your visitors.

Devices & Technologies

In Sri Lanka we prefer windows based kiosk systems or touch panels due to many practical reasons. Most of the systems coded are in web based technologies to facilitate the real time support, that no matter wherever your touch panel is located. In terms of devices, coffee tables and vertical stand – touch panels are the favourites.

Why do you need US?

Our expertise on the local field is vast, not to be exaggerative, but to be precautionary. The needs and requirements of Sri Lanka clients are of many variety and options, though only few are possible. Our history makes us to be confident on effective-use of both the touch panel and interactive system. Our promise is to deliver the best customer experience through the newest technology possible.

Industries & Segments

There are certain fields like hotel & tourism, banking, shopping malls and visitor attraction points are the most needed segments to deliver the best customer experience via touch panels. Coffee shops and restaurants are favourites among all, as the real experience can be blended with the essence of service core.