Facebook Develops A New Platform and More Tools for Independent Writers

The Facebook Journalism Project has spawned several initiatives over the past four years to help media companies and publisher’s especially local publishers develop new ways to generate enough revenue to sustain themselves.

 We look forward to collaborating with creators of all kinds to build products and features that can have a meaningful impact in sustaining their work.

Facebook gives an extra $1 billion to journalism Twitter has already been making moves in this space by acquiring newsletter platform Revue in January and integrating it into its platform.

 It also recently developed a Super Follows feature to enable creators and publishers to monetize premium content.

Collection of self-publishing tools the platform Facebook is developing will be anchored by a free, self-publishing tool that includes “robust” styling options for creating websites and email newsletters.

Independent writers will also have access to insights to help them understand how their content is performing, along with monetization tools to help them build individual websites and businesses, with an initial focus on subscriptions.

Facebook will also offer accelerator services to help creators share best practices with each other. In recent years, the Facebook Journalism Project has spearheaded several initiatives for media companies and publishers many with a focus on businesses owned or run by minorities, including accelerator programs to help Black- ow